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The team

Neta’s team of specialists have the unique skills necessary for implementing a company vision as dynamic as it is innovative, without ever sacrificing its technical excellence.

Following their initial meeting in 2010, Neta’s founders lost no time in measuring the potential of the technology on which they were already working. After pursuing academic pathways, advanced laser industry and energy storage industry, they met up again and founded Neta.

Since December 2016, Neta’s team has grown with the arrival of specialists in electronics, software engineering and business.

The team of Neta


In addition to his initial technical and mechanical background, Julien Michelon complemented his expertise with a Master’s degree in International Purchasing Management from the reputed business school, Kedge, thus obtaining a dual competency as Sales Application Engineer. His taste for high tech companies and complex situations was acquired in his subsequent experience as Purchasing Manager at Amplitudes Systèmes.

The creation of a purchasing department in Alphanov’s technical centre then provided in-depth knowledge of the photonic field in Aquitaine.

Today, he contributes his skills in financial plans as well as his knowledge in suppliers and business development.

Allaoua ABBAS

He obtained a PhD in June 2013 from Bordeaux University with a very honourable distinction for his CIFRE thesis carried out within LOMA and I2M laboratories as well as at Amplitude Systèmes.

The aim of this thesis was to develop a heterodyne probe-pump device – an advanced technique for imaging in picosecond acoustics.

Doctor Allaoua Abbas has numerous scientific and technical skills which are inherent to the design and manufacture of an ultrafast imagery system by picosecond acoustics.


After obtaining his engineering diploma from ENSAM engineering school, Xavier Tridon joined Amplitude Technologie where he acquired a sound experience in designing complex laser systems intended for primary research. Continuing his career at Amplitude Systèmes, he became confronted with constraints linked to industrial transfer and ultrafast laser system reliability.

Following this experience in the photonic field, he joined the world leading battery maker. He then perfected his skills in project management and the qualification of systems in complex environments with high standard requirements.

Today, he contributes his numerous skills to permanently improving the industrial transfer, the reliability and the qualification of Neta products.

Neta also has a consortium of strategic partners who play a key role in economic and technological development