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Neta designs its products to offer maximum performances to our clients, whether they are industrialists or first-rate scientific laboratories. Our turnkey ASOPS imaging solutions are well adapted to the needs of plenty players with very different applications.


Time resolved spectroscopy groups all the techniques for studying ultrafast transient phenomena, phase shifts between materials and stress relaxations in thin films.

In implementing nanothermic or picosecond acoustic methods, our products offer the possibility of imaging these phenomena at nanometric scale.

These phenomena play a key role for a better understanding of materials behavior and how to improve them for the future.

Non destructive-test

Non-destructive testing enables numerous industries to guarantee the quality of different productions. Our technology is especially well-adapted for contactless measuring, causing no damage to very small structures.

Those defects are essential to be detected in semiconductor industries, glass manufacturers or specialists of coatings where they can lead issues for the production yield or quality level. 

Whether estimating the thickness of thin films or the adhesion quality between two metallic layers, our technique supplies accurate information for qualifying defects. Mapping those defects at high speed bring a better management of quality control in production.



The characterization of biomechanical profiles is now accessible. In other words, we are abble to perform cell ultrasonography at nanoscale.

This multi-physics contactless imaging technique applied to biomedics could contribute to improved knowledge of cellular mechanics, which in fact plays a vital role in diverse biological processes, as well as in the development of degenerative diseases or cancer.

There are a lot of possibilities and promising innovation for this sector.